The Best Crypto Bank Accounts You Want To Sign Up For This Year

If you’re not already investing in cryptocurrency, then now is the time to get started. It’s reported that there are over 300 million crypto users worldwide. This fast growing market is praised for its long term potential and how it gives you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio. For instance, bitcoin is a standout currency that has become the best performing financial asset ever despite only existing since 2009. There are several accounts worth signing up for if you’re new to crypto or looking to make a transfer.
Whichever crypto account you choose, make sure it offers a sign up bonus. You can find out which accounts provide new users with these incentives through an online search.
Here are some of the best crypto bank accounts that offer bonuses on signups and transfers.


With over one million verified clients and over $10 billion in assets, BlockFi is a trusted platform for cryptocurrency investors of all levels. The mobile app helps you easily buy, sell, and trade crypto assets and access them all from one place. BlockFi even allows you to borrow funds against your assets so you can get a loan while continuing to hold your stakes.
BlockFi has a rewards credit card with an introductory offer for new users. The BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card is the first ever bitcoin rewards credit card. You can earn up to 3.5 percent back in bitcoin on every purchase. This offer is capped at $100 in bitcoin and is active for the first 90 days of card ownership.


It makes sense why one in four crypto holders across the world are Kucoin users. The easy to use platform has 24/7 customer service and over 500 different coins to invest in. Plus, it gives you a unique experience. This is thanks to its social media pages allowing you to interact with other investors.
New Kucoin users can take advantage of the platform with a welcome gift. You can get a bonus of up to 500 USDT by opening a blind box online. While this bonus cannot be withdrawn, it can be used for trading and to get you a head start on crypto investing.

Celsius Network

Earn up to 17 percent yield on your cryptocurrency through Celsius. This platform has over one million users and is available on web browsers and mobile devices. You can buy coins, borrow cash at one percent interest, and even transfer with zero fees.
Those who already have money invested in crypto could earn free BTC simply by switching to Celsius. First-time transfers made within 30 days of opening your account will qualify you for an award using a designated promo code.
Here are the current offers you can take advantage of simply by opening a Celsius account and making a transfer:
Transfer $100 or more and receive $10 in BTC.
Transfer $400 or more and receive $50 in BTC.
Transfer $25,000 or more and receive $500 in BTC.
Transfer $250,000 or more and receive $2,000 in BTC.
Check the Celsius Network website to stay up to date with the latest transfer bonus offers.

Bitcoin IRAs

Another way to get started with cryptocurrency is with bitcoin IRAs. These self-directed IRA accounts can help diversify your retirement portfolio and earn capital tax-free or tax-deferred. If you’re someone who already contributes to retirement accounts, then opening an account dedicated to cryptocurrency could be a comfortable way for you to ease into the market.
However, there are contribution limits. For instance, those under 50 can contribute $6,000 this year, while those 50 and over can contribute $6,000. There are several platforms that make it easy for you to get started with bitcoin IRA.
Some accounts you can sign up for include:
Bitcoin IRA;
Coin IRA;
iTrustCapital, and;

Learn More About Crypto Bank Accounts Online

Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment that can potentially lead to high earnings over time. If you’re just getting started, then it can’t hurt to choose a platform that will give you free rewards simply for signing up. Promotions and welcome gifts are a great way to launch yourself into cryptocurrency without putting more of your money on the line right away.
Before signing up for a crypto account, compare the different platforms to find one that’s best for you. Find out the trade fees, account pricing, and other hidden costs so you’re not surprised by any later on. Take advantage of new user perks and search online to learn more about crypto investing.